Dr. DiCicco poses at a reception for him commemorating his 1,000th bariatric weight loss procedure.

Memorial Hospital of Tampa Congratulates Richard DiCicco, MD, FACS, on his 1000th Advanced Robotic Surgery Weight Loss Procedure

Tampa, FL — Memorial Hospital of Tampa is pleased to congratulate Richard DiCicco, MD, FACS (Fellow of the American College of Surgeons) on completing his 1,000th advanced robotic-surgery assisted weight loss procedure at Memorial Hospital. Robotic-assisted surgery often results in notably better clinical outcomes. Other benefits for patients may include significantly less pain, less scarring, and a shorter recovery time.

Memorial Hospital of Tampa has been performing advanced robotic-surgery since 2015, and currently is home to three daVinci Xi robots. The daVinci XI Surgical System integrates robotic technology to vertically extend the surgeon’s eyes and hands. Using the system, the surgeon operates while seated at a console viewing a 3-D image of the surgical area.

“Every robotic surgery is exciting because the technology is truly incredible, but breaking the 1,000th mark is a remarkable thing,” said Dr. DiCicco. “With robotics, patients have very little pain compared to traditional laparoscopy,” he added.

With this achievement, Memorial Hospital of Tampa operates the most experienced robotic bariatrics program on the west coast of Florida.

“Today is an amazing milestone for Memorial Hospital of Tampa,” said Sonia Wellman, CEO. “We celebrate the 1,000th robotic surgery performed by Dr. DiCicco. I am incredibly proud of him and our leading-edge surgery team. All of them have served our mission well: to care for and improve human life.”