Memorial Hospital of Tampa October 18, 2018

Members of Memorial Hospital’s Environmental Services Department proudly display their recently vaccinated arms during Infection Prevention Week. Left to right are: Keysha Casiano-Lugo, Betzaida Molina, Pablo Quiles, and Berliz Garcia.

Tampa, Florida (October 18, 2018) – Memorial Hospital of Tampa is pleased to announce that it is celebrating Infection Prevention Week October 15th through the 19th.  Throughout the week, the facility will celebrate “Keeping South Tampa Safe,” recognizing every employee and member of the medical staff for the important role they play in keeping its patients, staff and visitors safe.  During Infection Prevention Week, the hospital will showcase how they keep our community safe and the critical role infection prevention plays in improving patient safety. 

Memorial Hospital recently received recognition for being the #1 hospital in Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) for outstanding infection control practices.   “We attribute our success to our staff and physicians who are diligent about taking action to help prevent infection and provide safe care to our patients”, said Stephanie Green, Director of Infection Prevention.  “With comprehensive training and ongoing education, we have a laser focus on practices to prevent germs from spreading before an infection occurs.” 

As part of HCA, Memorial Hospital has access to and benefits from the resources of an industry leader in clinical excellence and innovation.  Staff are trained in best practices and the hospital utilizes advanced, cutting-edge technology for infection prevention.   For example, Memorial Hospital currently uses the Tru-D ultraviolet light disinfection robot in patient rooms, operating rooms, and other areas of the facility.  The robot precisely and consistently kills deadly germs and other bacteria, providing the safest environment possible for patients and staff.   

The community is invited at any time to contact the hospital or stop by and witness how Memorial Hospital is “Keeping South Tampa Safe.”