TAMPA, FL Memorial Hospital of Tampa, an HCA West Florida facility, recently performed the first single incision surgery in Tampa Bay utilizing the latest da Vinci Xi®  system. Last year, Memorial Hospital announced it was the first in Tampa to purchase the newest da Vinci robot, the da Vinci Xi®.  As the hospital continues to be on the forefront of robotic surgery, this week surgeon Gilman Tyler, Jr., M.D., performed a gallbladder removal through a one inch incision using the da Vinci Xi® Single-Site platform.  This virtually scarless procedure allows patients to be discharged home a few hours later.

The new equipment is part of Memorial Hospital of Tampa’s $14 million multi-phase expansion and renovation, which is slated to be complete in 2017. One phase includes the creation of 47 private patient rooms and another phase is focused on the hospital’s surgical program with 18,500 square feet of new surgical space, 18 surgical prep and recovery rooms, and two new operating rooms with shell space for a third.

“The da Vinci Xi® Surgical System is an excellent enhancement to Memorial Hospital’s robotics program, allowing me to perform surgery with enhanced maneuverability and 3-D, high-definition visualization,” said Dr. Tyler, a general surgeon. “The Cholecystectomy procedure is performed through one 2.5-cm incision through the belly button, resulting in less scarring, which is a significant cosmetic advantage for our patients.”

 “Providing the latest technology for our surgeons improves our ability to serve patients who desire to remain close to home” said Ward Boston, CEO of Memorial Hospital of Tampa. “Facility improvements and technology upgrades are part of our ongoing commitment to our community.”   

Attached Photo: Dr. Gilman Tyler, General Surgeon at Memorial Hospital of Tampa