Tampa – September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month and Memorial Hospital of Tampa wants you to know that neck checks are key to early detection.  This is one of the fastest increasing cancers in terms of incidence and it affects people of all ages.  Like most cancers, early detection can significantly impact treatment and outcomes, and the hospital is now offering some of the latest treatment options through its minimally invasive robotics program.

Thyroid Cancer Awareness month was created to highlight the importance of understanding the symptoms and actions that can be taken.  During the month of September, Memorial Hospital is providing education on thyroid cancer symptoms, treatment and procedures, and encouraging everyone to take the time for a neck check, and obtain expert follow-up if a lump is found.

Thyroid awareness is key to helping people recognize the symptoms of thyroid problems.  With better awareness, people will know when to talk to their doctors about testing and treatment.  Thyroid disorders can be treated by medications or surgery.  Treatment will depend upon the particular type of thyroid disease.  If surgery is deemed the best treatment, Memorial Hospital of Tampa offers surgical thyroid treatment for all thyroid disease and nodules.  Our minimally invasive options include scarless thyroid surgery, which eliminates the scarring that can occur at the base of the neck when traditional surgery techniques are used.  

“I recently found out that I had thyroid cancer at 35 years old,” stated Christine Young-Lee, a single mother from California.  “After a lot of research, I flew to Tampa to have scarless surgery at Memorial Hospital of Tampa.  I was able to get the expert treatment I needed without a visible scar.  Please make sure you to see your doctor regularly and ask to have your neck checked!”  

About Memorial Hospital of Tampa 

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