What is so special about our Alcohol and Drug Recovery Unit?

Tampa Community Hospital, A Campus of Memorial Hospital of Tampa, is one of the few hospitals in the country that provided a "hospital based" medically supervised detox program. This allows us to safely and effectively detox even those clients with the most severe addictions. Also, if a client has a concomitant medical condition that needs to be monitored during their detox, their condition can be rapidly assessed by the trained staff on the unit. If an acute medical condition develops while on the unit that requires more intensive care or further work up, the patient can be quickly transferred to a medical floor.

The Oasis is located in Tampa Community Hospital, A Campus of Memorial Hospital of Tampa, on the third floor.

All rooms are private and equipped with fully adjustable hospital beds for your safety and comfort. All patient rooms, staff offices, and group rooms are located in the same area for easy access.

For your convenience, laundry facilities are located on the unit.

Please call for visiting and support group hours as they are customized to individual patient needs.

Yes. Although there are no phones in the patient rooms, there are three patient phones located around the nurse's station for your convenience.

Your detox at Tampa Community Hospital will include medications that mitigates most of the discomfort of withdrawal. Patients detoxing from an opiate will receive buprenorphine. Medications will also be given for anxiety symptoms and sleep. For a safe and effective detox from alcohol, patients are usually given Librium. Other medications are also given based on individual need.

The Oasis at Tampa Community Hospital offers free aftercare meetings weekly. We also have a full Intensive Outpatient Program, known as the "IOP". The IOP is covered by most major insurances. In addition, our knowledgeable staff is well versed in the local and state-wide resources that could be available for further treatment. Medications, including Suboxone and Campral, are written at time of discharge based upon individual need.

Bring comfortable, conservative, casual clothing for a 4-5 day stay.

Be prepared for both warm and cool temperatures.

Bring basic toiletries that do not contain alcohol.

  • Anything that would plug into a wall socket
  • Cell phones or cellular devices
  • Electronics, laptops or DVD’s
  • No food, including candy
  • Medications
  • Personal hygiene; perfume, cologne, mouthwash

Our services are included by most major insurances, including Medicare, Medicaid and Medipass. We will be happy to check your benefits to see what coverage you do have.

The first step is call us: 866-We-Detox (1-866-933-3869).

Once we take down your information, call your insurance provider to determine your coverage, we then can discuss scheduling an appointment date and time. We take admissions 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week by appointment only.