Senior wellness program in South Tampa

At Memorial Hospital of Tampa, we are committed to promoting healthy living for those who are 55 years old and older. As part of that commitment, we offer the Health 4 Seniors program. Our goal is to help seniors understand how to be proactive in taking care of their long-term health.

To learn more about participating in the Health 4 Seniors program, please call (813) 342-1313.

Health 4 Seniors

Our hospital is proud to offer patients Health 4 Seniors—our free, senior health program. It is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle for seniors through a variety of activities and services designed to enhance your health. It also provides a great opportunity to meet new people in the community.

Participants in the Health 4 Seniors program enjoy access to the following resources:

  • Educational lunch-and-learn events
  • Exercise classes
  • Health screening services, such as memory loss and blood pressure screenings
  • Insurance information assistance
  • Medication review
  • Support groups

All events and meetings as part of the Health 4 Seniors program are free to attend. However, we do ask that you RSVP in advance to reserve your place by calling (813) 342-1313.

Classes and events

Participants in Health 4 Seniors have access to a wide range of additional community resources, including educational opportunities and support groups hosted by our hospital. The following events are open to seniors in the program:

Volunteer opportunities

Are you interested in giving back to your community and volunteering with us at Memorial Hospital of Tampa? A number of volunteer opportunities are available here at our hospital, some areas you may be placed include:

Volunteers receive on-the-job training from an experienced fellow volunteer or staff member. Schedule an appointment to learn more about volunteering at our hospital by calling our marketing program manager at (813) 342-1483. (approval to serve as a volunteer is based on background screening results)